Top 10 best copyright free music website

Top 10 best copyright free music websites[2020]

With the increasing demand for video content and the better penetration of internet connectivity, video content is being watched more than ever before. Data shows that people love seeing more videos on social media platforms. Youtube alone has over 2Billion+ users and people have watched more than 99Million+ hours of content in 2019 on its platform. Video marketing has a greater impact on purchasing decisions and brand awareness.

But do you know?..choosing the right background music in your videos also creates a greater impact on your viewers. you realize it or not, you could lose your audience and revenue if you’ll not take it on a serious note.

But how do you know the taste of music that your viewer wants to listen to?

The best way is to use your youtube metrics to track the engagement and time spent on your videos before using any music, and then again test the metrics after adding more copyright free music in your videos.

Big brands know how to create impactful video content with the right pitch of the music, which creates an emotional connection between them and their audience. your music must fit with your brand’s image, otherwise, you could lose your audience.

Here are the list of best copyright free music websites:-

  • soundstripe.
  • Audiojungle.
  • Artlist
  • Epidemicsounds.
  • Purple-planet
  • Musicbed
  • Premiumbeat
  • Bensound
  • Youtube audio library
  • Audioblocks



(Standard plan-$11.25/month)

soundstripe website preview

Soundstripe is one of the best websites for copyright-free music library and sound effects. with the unlimited selection of songs and copyright-free music, you can do exceptional detailing in your video project.

Soundstripe is trusted by the top brands in the world like Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Volkswagen, and many more, who are leaders in their field. If you are watching a thriller movie then there might be a chance that thrilling music is taken from Soundstripe.

This website has music for every event and mood that you’ll be surprised to explore. Many professional artists and music directors trust this platform and use its assets in their projects.

Either you are a sci-fi movie maker or vlogger on youtube, you can use various music tracks and effects based on your requirement. However, You need to buy a membership plan to access their contents and license which varies between $11.25/month to $66.25/month(Billed yearly).

There is a premium plan of $21/month (billed yearly) in which you’ll get unlimited music, effects and 4000+ songs, suitable for individuals and small businesses.

Pros of Soundstripe:

  • Variety of copyright-free music, songs, and effects.
  • Suitable for youtube videos.
  • Suitable for professional video editors.
  • Music for every category and mood.
  • Custom plans for your project.
  • Lifetime License covered even after membership canceled.
  • Easy integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and
  • They provide support if you get a Copyright strike on your video.


  • Pricing is high for Beginners.
  • Watermark in free download option.



(Starts from $1/music, $16.50/month)

audiojungle website preview

Audiojungle is a part of the biggest digital asset marketplace Envatomarket. It has the largest collection of top-quality copyright-free music and sound effects on the web. With over millions of music and audio tracks, you can buy your track for as low as $1. The Music kits of audiojungle allow you to choose music from several categories like ambient, cinematic, folks, Acoustic, corporate, and many more.

The wide collection of music is enough to meet your expectations for your video project. You can team up your projects with funny and realistic effects that make your video more engaging and professional. whatever music tracks you need, you’ll find plenty on this website.

You can also download their monthly freebies which include copyright-free music, 3d Assets, Stock Photos, website templates, etc.

There are two ways to buy assets from Audiojungle, you can buy the item by paying a one-time purchase amount or you can buy a monthly subscription. With a monthly subscription plan, you can download and use UNLIMITED music tracks and sound effects from the website. The subscription plan is suitable for professional video editors who need hundreds of copyright-free music every month.


  • Millions of copyright-free music and tracks.
  • Suitable for Youtube creators.
  • Unlimited music kits for video editors.
  • Best collection of sound effects.
  • One subscription plan for all assets.


  • Costly for multiple purchases- $198/year+ taxes


(starts from $12.41/month, billed annually)

artlist royalty free music website

Artlist is an incredible stock music website for filmmakers and creators. This site has a huge collection of copyright-free music and sound effects. You can choose music tracks based on the moods, video themes, genre, and Instrument. The curated music tracks allow you to create top-quality videos for your project.

Artlist has the best musicians and artists from around the world who put their best efforts to create incredible and beautiful tracks for the creators and filmmakers like you. You can browse the spotlight section to explore new tracks and artists, also new curated collections for your project.

The music tracks of Artlist is used by many great reputable brands of the world like Samsung, Microsoft, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, Nike, and many more.

To access the copyright free music library, sound effects, and their licenses, you need to take a subscription plan, which varies between $12.41/month to $25/month(billed yearly).


  • Variety of music tracks and sound effects.
  • Collections of curated music tracks.
  • Lifetime use and unlimited license.
  • Suitable for youtube creators and video editors.


  • Costly for beginners.
  • Watermark in free download option
  • Only sound effects access in the $149/year plan.

Epidemic sound

(starts from $15/month, $144/year)

epidemic sounds website preview

With over 32000+ tracks and unlimited download access from the library, epidemic sound has everything packed in one place for content creators. This website is incredibly intuitive, easy to navigate, and multiple categories to browse and choose your music from. Whether you’re a gamer or a professional agency, you’ll find music tracks related to your field and Interests.

Epidemic sound allows you to use music tracks on many digital platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and for your personal Podcasts. It gives ultimate freedom to its users to explore new Genres, Albums, and curated music tracks.

The best thing about Epidemic sound is that you can explore this website with a one-month free trial option and. The pricing varies between $15/month to $500/month. Just one subscription and you’ll have it all.

If you’re a freelancer or a business owner at a commercial firm, you should definitely explore this website for your commercial projects and content creation needs.


  • Best collection of music and sound effects.
  • Hundreds of albums to explore.
  • Best for online content creators.
  • Monthly Subscription for your convenience(30 days free trial).


  • Very Limited tracks in every category.
  • Single purchase of tracks is very costly($99/track).


(Starts from $9+/months)

musicbed website preview

Musicbed has a wide array of music and song collection for your video projects. Trusted by the world’s top brands like Amazon, Land rover, Nike, Netflix, facebook and many more. 

Musicbed has world class bands, composers and artists always burning the midnight oil to provide you the best music tracks for your Brand.

You can browse an unlimited list of copyright-free music for every mood, genre and event. If you’re confused about choosing the best music track or songs for your project, you can tell the support team to find it for you. You just have to explain your requirements and they’ll help you with your query.

The only downside of this website is the Pricing. If you want to use the music tracks on your youtube channel only you’ll be charged somewhere between $200-$400/year. Additionally, the pricing is flexible for different requirements.


  • Huge collection of copyright-free music and songs.
  • Custom list of songs for your project.
  • Good support from the Team.
  • Best for film makers and Professional content creators.
  • Trusted by Popular Brands of the world.


  • Very costly for beginners($200-$400/year).
  • No sound effects included.

Purple Planet

(Completely Free to use, Credits required)

purple planet webiste preview

Purple Planet provides completely free to use royalty free music for your project. It has a wide collection of music for every category like Inspirational, emotional, cinematic, upbeat and many more.

You can use free music in your Youtube videos, social media platforms like facebook, your website, vlog, and podcast channels, you just have to give credit to the site. You can see their complete Terms of using free music here.

If you want to broadcast the music for other monetization purposes, you can buy their Commercial License which starts from $8/music- Standard License, no attribution required. 

Purple Planet also provides a commercial license for professional video broadcasters to stream music worldwide for commercial purpose. Although, you have to buy the license for $40/music-no attribution required.


  • Completely Free to use.
  • Use on youtube and other social media- attribution required
  • Standard License($8) is affordable.
  • Best suited for Youtube creators and vloggers.


  • Limited music in every categories.
  • Low quality music(192kbps) in the free plan.


(Free to use, Paid Subscription Available)

bensound website preview

Bensound is among the best royalty free music websites, that provides music completely free of cost. You can use music for free in your multimedia projects for youtube, facebook, websites, etc as long as you give credit to this site.

This website has multiple categories like Cinematic music, acoustic, jazz, pop,etc which you can explore and add as background music in your project. Although, there are certain restrictions to use free music which you can check here.

Bensound is best suited for youtube content creators because it has a great collection of royalty-free music that is specially designed for people like you, who always try some different variations in their project.

Furthermore, you can buy the standard license from Bensound for any track starting from $40 to an extended license+worldwide broadcasting for  $683/music track. If you are a professional film-maker, then you should definitely check their extended license Plan, which will benefit you in the long term.


  • Completely free to use music tracks.
  • Best for youtube content creators and online advertisers.
  • FREE license can be used anywhere online, with credits.
  • A good collection of music tracks.


  • Singletrack license is costly($40-$683/track).
  • Certain restrictions to use free music.
  • Podcast and re-mixing of tracks is not allowed.


(Starting from $8.25/month,billed annually)

audioblocks website preview

Audioblocks is the part of that provides stock photos, videos, and audios. You can access copyright-free music by signing up their monthly subscription plan, which varies between $9/month to $65/month, billed monthly.

The basic $9/month audio plan allows only 3 downloads every month whereas the unlimited audio pack of $15/month allows you to download unlimited copyright free music tracks, sound effects, and loops.

The yearly plan of Audioblocks varies between $8.25/month to $29.08/month, billed annually. If you are planning to use this website for the long term, you can go for an annual plan, free plan is not available on this website. Audioblocks has a huge collection of music tracks in every category that is enough for any video content creator.

You can also access unlimited stock footage, 4k videos, stock Photos, and templates, with the active subscription plan. see the pricing here.


  • Huge collection of copyright-free music, sound effects, and loops.
  • Convenient monthly and Annual plans.
  • All stock media access with one plan.
  • Exclusive plans for Businesses and corporations.


  • Pricing may be an issue for beginners.

Premium Beat

(Pay as you need, $49/music track)

premiumbeat website preview

 Backed by Shutterstock company, Premium Beat provides high-quality copyright free music and sound effects for your project. It is trusted by the world’s best companies like Amazon, Google, National Geographic, etc.

Premium Beat is specifically designed for professionals who prefer to use high-quality copyright-free music and sound effects in their media projects. It has a huge collection of music tracks and sound effects curated by expert musicians and music composers. You can find amazing music for any category available on the web.

However, there is no monthly or yearly subscription available on the Premium Beat website, you have to buy copyright free music at $49/track and $199/track  along with all necessary Licenses. Although, the single track is very costly it is worthy for youtube content creators and online web advertisers who need the best music tracks for their content.

See the terms and conditions of using music tracks here.


  • High-quality music and soundtracks available.
  • A good collection of tracks.
  • Curated music tracks for every genre.
  • 100% of copyright clearance.


  • Costly for new creators.
  • Limited Free music tracks.

Youtube Music Library

(Completely Free to use, attribution required)

youtube music library preview

Youtube music library is also one of the best websites to look for royalty-free music. Although, some of the music requires attribution and others can be used without attribution of the author. There are very limited collections of music in the youtube music library, and the music available is also not that amazing.

Moreover, you can only use music and songs to create content for youtube only. Although, the collection of music is suitable for beginners who don’t want to tweak their videos too much. You can explore music for different moods, Genres, and artist’s names.

You can read the Terms and Service of youtube here.


  • Completely free to use
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Collection of music is good.
  • No Copyright issue inside youtube.


  • Limited music tracks.
  • Attribution required for some music tracks.

So, these are some of the best websites for royalty-free music available on the web. You will surely get benefits from these websites, as I have compared many websites on every aspect but found these to be helpful, full of creative music tracks, and cheap options for your project. 

If you are still confused how to use music tracks the right way, Read the points covered below.

Points to be remembered while using copyright-free music tracks online:

Check the License properly:-

To protect your Video contents from the copyright strike and other license issues, you need to check the licensing of the music track and also their Terms of use. Licensing of the music may come under following categories:

  • Royalty-free
  • Creative Commons or copyrighted.
  • Public domain.

You have to be aware of the license of the music you are using in your projects, otherwise, you may face copyright strikes from the creator and your contents may be terminated permanently.

Give credit to the creator or owner:-

If you are using free music from any website listed above, read all the attribution process of the website and follow them properly. You can use their copyright free music as long as you give credits to them in the description or caption of the content.

However, In some cases you are not allowed to claim that music as yours, remixing music tracks, and sharing to some online platforms until unless you don’t give credits to the creators.

So it’s better to use the music track smartly by giving the credits to the owner and protect your contents from Copyright strikes.

Don’t try to Re-sell music:-

If you have purchased the lifetime license of a music track, don’t try to resell or distribute the music for revenue generation. The lifetime standard license of various websites is designed for end-user consumption only. You can only use it for your personal projects, advertising purposes, online content sharing, etc. You are advised to check the complete license ownership after purchasing the music tracks and sound effects.


In the final analysis, we can say that you have the ability now to pick the best platform according to your need, as I have listed all the best copyright free music websites here. You can choose the website that fits your project and your budget properly. you should also follow the copyright-free music using the guide we provided to escape from any copyright strikes.

I hope this article helped you to find the best copyright-free music website for your project. you can also check out some articles on our website:

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