13 Best URL and Link Shorteners- compared

13 Best URL and Link Shortener for 2021 Compared

Url and link shorteners are the life savior tools to promote links on social media and on your blogs. They can efficiently shorten the URL to a very few characters. You can also track the clicks on the link, make your custom branded link, and promote them online.

But why do you actually need a URL and link shortener?… Well, It depends on the requirement of your use. If you just want to short 3-5 links, you can use any tool on the web. But if you are a professional YouTuber and affiliate marketer, you need a professional link shortener for long term business.

With that in mind, I have curated a list of 13 best URL and link shortener with free and paid subscription plans. In this article, I have also covered some of the must-have features of Url and link shortener and the reason to choose paid plans for business professionals.

So, Let’s begin!!

Which is the best URL link Shortener?


13 Best URL and Link shorteners for 2021 Compared

Bit.ly is one of the best Url and link shortener websites that allows you to shorten the links within just 20-25 characters. You can generate up to 50 links per month with the free plan of Bit.ly.

With Bit.ly, you can track some of the essential analytics of your links such as top referrer, location of your audience, and total clicks on the link. For a Free plan, these analytics features are enough to fulfill your needs.

The paid plan of Bit.ly offers more freedom and flexibility for you to customize, share, edit, and create custom campaigns. You can also make your custom branded links to make the link more clickable.

Key Features of Bit.ly-

  • Link Management -Even for a free user, Bit.ly provides enough analytics and data that can easily fulfil your needs.
  • 700+ API Integration– Connect Bitly to the apps and tools you use everyday. It has a powerful link management system that tracks every integration of your link.
  • Bulk SMS link Sharing– You can deliver shortened branded links with targeted text messages upto any volume.
  • Campaigns Management and Analytics– It empowers you with more than 20 real-time data points to track complete analytics and also helps you to change your strategies for the campaign.


  • Free– You can create upto 50 links per month with the free plan with some basic analytics and tracking.
  • Basic– Pricing starts from $29/month(billed annually) and $35 monthly.
  • Enterprise- Custom plans for bigger brands and businesses that manage around 10000+ links per month.

2. Rebrandly

13 Best URL and Link Shorteners for 2021 Compared

Rebrandly is a powerful and data-driven link shortener website that allows you to create custom short URLs and gives you the ability to track every activity on your links. You can add up to 5 custom domains of your business.

Moreover, Its chrome and firefox extensions give you complete freedom to share branded links directly from your apps, websites, and tools. You can manage analytics reports from one dashboard and share them with your team members as well.

Some of the unique features of Rebrandly is that it provides link retargeting, mobile deep linking, custom URL slugs, faster redirects and much more. 

Only limitation with the free plan is that you can manage and create a total 500 links and you would be charged for further link shortening services. But as far as the services and tracking facility is concerned, this website is completely worth it.

Key features of Rebrandly-

  • Customized analytics– Track important link metrics from your audience like top countries, devices, total link clicks, frequency of clicks, etc.
  • Link retargeting– It fires retargeting pixels/scripts directly from your branded links and add users to your retargeting list automatically. 
  • Multiple Domain names– With the free plan, you can add up to 5 domain names to make a branded short link.
  • Teammate Dashboard– Rebrandly has a unique feature that lets you collaborate with your team member and share the analytics link reports with each other.


Rebrandly has many flexible Free and paid plans to cover all your needs for your business.

  • Free Plan– $0/month, total 500 short links allowed with 5 custom domain names.
  • Starter Plan– $29/month, 5000 short links/month possible.
  • Pro– $69/month, 15000 short links/month allowed.
  • Premium– $499/month, 150,000 short links/month with 5 custom domain names.
  • Enterprise– Custom Quote plan.

3. Cutt.ly

13 Best URL and Link Shorteners for 2021 Compared

Cuttly is a completely free and user friendly URL link shortener & link Management tool that allows you to shorten links with branded URLs and real-time analytics tracking.

There is no paid subscription provided by the Cutt.ly team, you can short thousands of links with just a click  and share it on social media to promote your products.

Moreover, It tracks all the activities on your multiple links and generates a detailed report on several parameters such as total clicks, clicks by browser, devices, geolocation, and operating system of users.

This platform is best suited for newbie bloggers, youtuber, and affiliate marketers who just want to promote their products with short links without much thinking about the custom domain name.

Key Features-

  • Link tracking and Management– Cutt.ly efficiently tracks all the clicks and activities on your short links and gives you complete freedom to make decisions based on the analytics.
  • Change URL alias/name– Although, you cannot change the custom domain name with the short links but you can change the tail of the link with short tags.
  • Tagging links– you can separate your links with the use of tagging links feature.


  • Free– Cutt.ly is completely free to use.

4. TinyUrl

13 Best URL and Link Shorteners for 2021 Compared

TinyUrl is a completely free and open-source URL and link shortener platform where you can shorten your links an unlimited number of times and also change the link tail as per your need.

Although, It doesn’t provide any link tracking and analytics report feature either Free or paid.

You can simply paste your long url and convert it into a simple and short url.

It offers a preview mode feature to reduce spamming where you can track the link source before following the link. This platform is best suited for the individuals who just need to shorten a few links for one time purpose.

It’s completely worth it to try this website for personal use only, because you cannot track the activities on your links and their sources of clicks.

Key Features-

  • Unlimited number of link shortening– With TinyUrl, you can do an unlimited number of link shortening.
  • Preview mode– Reduce spamming of links with the preview mode.
  • Compatibility– TinyUrl is compatible with all apps, websites, and tools.


  • Free– Tiny Url is completely free to use.

5. Short.io

Short.io is also an excellent choice for URL and link shortener purposes. It offers various data-driven analytics features for your short links so that you can track your link performance on the web efficiently.

With the Free plan of Short.io, you can shorten a total of 1000 links with your 3 custom domain names. This platform provides every essential tracking feature such as top countries, top social referrers, top browsers, etc.

Moreover, analytics and retargeting tool integration make it easier for you to retarget the users who have clicked on your link earlier. You can integrate several social media platform targets from a single dashboard in short.io.

Overall, It’s a very good tool to try out for link shortening and the best part is that you can track all the activities of links with a custom domain name of your choice completely free of cost.

Key features-

  • Custom domain links– Having said that, you can add 3 custom domains in the free plan and more than that in Paid plans.
  • Advanced Tracking of Links– With short.io you don’t have to worry about tracking and analytics of your short links. It covers all the important parameters of tracking.
  • Multiple Integration support– It has all the necessary Integration covered such as Zapier, facebook pixel, Google Analytics, Slack, etc.
  • QR code generation– You can also promote your short links on online ebooks, offline printed materials with Short.io QR Code.


  • Free– $0/month.
  • Personal– $20/month.
  • Team– $50/month.
  • Enterprise-150/month.

6. Clickmeter

13 Best URL and Link Shorteners for 2021 Compared

Click meter is a professional link shortening and tracking platform that allows you to monitor, compare, and optimize marketing links at one place. This tool records every activity on your link and provides a full report on real-time data.

Clickmeter is perfectly ideal for affiliate marketers, publishers, and agencies. The retargeting feature allows you to target your custom audience on every possible social media and web platform based on their demography.

Although, this platform is not free of cost but you can still try their basic monthly plan for just $29 to check out the features that fulfils your requirement.

Key Features-

  • Advanced Monitoring– Clickmeter has an advanced real-time link monitoring system that gives you necessary analytics of your shortened links.
  • Retargeting Campaigns– With Clickmeter, you can manage retargeting campaigns very easily.
  • Branded Domain– You can add one branded domain of your online business and also create a custom tail of the link.


  • Medium– $29/month.
  • Large– $99/month.
  • X-Large– $349/month.

7. Tiny.cc

13 Best URL and Link Shorteners for 2021 Compared

Tiny.cc is also a very good tool to shorten your links which you can use completely free of cost with the domain name of tiny.cc. In the Free plan of this tool, you can simply paste your long link and a short link will be generated very easily.

For more premium features, you can opt for paid plans of Tiny.cc that has more flexibility to track, customize, and monetize links. It has more than 100+ premium features which you can avail of in the paid plans and that is enough to manage your links.

With advanced targeting of links, you can maximize your link sharing ROI and manage ads campaigns to the strategies accordingly.

Key Features-

  • City Level tracking– Yet another great feature of Tiny.cc that you can track links based on their geolocation or cities.
  • Custom landing Pages– You can simply design your custom landing pages of the shortened links and redirect to the users on them.
  • White label Branding–  You can use your business logo in the Tiny.cc to make your links for authentic and branded.


  • Free-$0/month.
  • Basic– $5/month.
  • Business– $25/month.
  • Pro– $44/month.
  • Enterprise– Quote based Plans.

8. Yourls

13 Best URL and Link Shorteners for 2021 Compared

Yourls is a completely free and open-source URL link shortener tool that allows you to generate links an unlimited number of times. Moreover, it also has a basic link tracking analytics dashboard that covers a variety of link tracking parameters and geolocation tracking.

To shorten your links, you have to download the installer from GitHub repository and Start using it right away. Yourls developer team has provided all the essential link tracking parameters such as Traffic statistics, location, source, and social shares.

With Yourls, you cannot add your custom domain name, you have to use the shorten link with Yourls domain name.

Key Features-

  • Unlimited link Shortening– As Yourls is an open-source platform, you can short as much as link you require.
  • Basic Analytics dashboard– This platform provides a basic analytics dashboard to track the total clicks, geolocation, etc.


  • Completely Free of Cost.

9. Ow.ly

13 Best URL and Link Shorteners for 2021 Compared

Ow.ly is a URL link shortening tool that is launched by the most popular Social media post scheduling platform HootSuite. With the Free plan of Hootsuite, you can short your URL to share it on multiple social media platforms.

Although there is a limited number of link shortening allowed with the free plan, you can opt for a paid plan for more features. On the Hootsuite dashboard, you can manage your analytics report and measure social ROI.

Additionally, you can manage your social media posts schedule and timeline with the free plan of Hootsuite. All data reports, targeting campaigns, and demographics of the clicks can be seen from the Hootsuite dashboard. 

Key Features-

  • Advanced Analytics– Hootsuite provides real-time data and analytics reports for all your shortened links and social media posts.
  • Custom domain url– For custom domain short links, you can opt for a paid plan for more features.


Hootsuite has a Free as well as Paid Plans.

  • Free– $0, 3 social media profiles.
  • Professional– $29/month, 10 social media profiles
  • Team– $129/month, 20 social media profiles
  • Business– $599/month, 35 social media profiles
  • Enterprise– Custom Solution.

10. Linklyhq

13 Best URL and Link Shorteners for 2021 Compared

Linkly is very easy and fun to use as a link shortening platform which does your basic link shortening task. You can leverage the unlimited reports analytics and add unlimited users to your campaigns till 1000 clicks on the link per month.

The Free Plan is best suited for personal use while the premium plan gives you freedom to short links for unlimited number of clicks.

It has targeted campaign management tracking that allows you to measure ROI, set-up facebook pixel, multiple web Integrations. You can use your own domain name to short the Url and long links.

Key features-

  • Retargeting and Tracking pixels– Even in the Free Plan, you can use the facebook pixel setup to target your audience to some extent.
  • Custom Social media preview– You can watch how the link would look if someone previews your short link, this would create more trust on your viewers to open the link.
  • Geotargeting– It targets users based on their demography like country and languages, etc.



  • Basic– Free
  • Plus– $29/month


  • Varies between $79-$399 as per monthly clicks.

11. Bit.do

Bit.do link shortening tool preview

Bit.do is a completely FREE URL link shortener tool that provides short and clean links for your online needs. Despite being a completely FREE tool, you can get all the stats of your link on the Bit.do dashboard.

The Basic stats includes Total link views, top referrer sites, link click sources, link access IPs and other similar basic stats.

Although, this tool is very helpful for beginners and one-time link shortening users but for professional affiliate marketers and YouTubers, this tool is not recommended at all because you cannot add custom domain names and even you cannot do advanced monitoring of your links.

Key Features-

  • Completely Free– This tool is completely Free and you can shorten your links with bit.do domain name at the beginning.
  • Basic Analytics report– It covers some of the basic link monitoring clicks, views, locations, and sources of the links.
  • QR code Generation– you can generate your unique QR code for online PDFs, offline distribution materials, ebooks, etc. 


  • Completely Free of Cost.

12. Hyperlink

Hyperlink Link management tool preview

Hyperlink is an URL link shortener tool that gives you real-time click analytics with a push notification. Like most other Url shorteners in this list, hyperlink has also a Free Plan that allows you to create 100 short links with unlimited click tracking.

It’s Android and the iOS app gives you the flexibility to shorten the links and share directly to your Instagram and Twitter accounts for a quick update to your bio. The analytics dashboard covers all the parameters to track your links efficiently.

It also supports Chrome browser extension to shorten your links immediately and start sharing the links on the web right away.

Key Features-

  • Unlimited link tracking–  With hyperlink, you can generate up to 100 links in the free plan and track unlimited links with ease.
  • Blazing Fast redirects– You can redirect users from any part of the world to your destination link and start promoting your products and services worldwide.
  • Android and iOS– This is the only tool in the list that has a separate Android and IOS apps shorten the links directly.
  • Push notification– Hyperlink gives you real-time clicks reports with push notification directly on your app.


  • Free– $0/ month, 100 links and Unlimited tracking.
  • Standard– $39/month, Branded links and custom domains includes.
  • Enterprise– Quote based.

13. Bl.ink

Bl.ink Link Shortener tool preview

Bl.ink is an advanced link management tool that is perfectly suitable for businesses and Enterprises. Though it doesn’t have any Free plan and you have to buy its paid subscription to use it according to your monthly budget.

You can manage an unlimited number of short links with unlimited branded links and custom domains. Bl.ink shows you an adequate amount of link tracking data that you can use to make decisions smartly.

What’s more?…you can generate short links with Bl.ink API anytime and anywhere as it supports multiple android and web apps. The platform empowers teams to monitor, automate, standardize, and solve the most complex linking challenges.

Key Features-

  • Advance Link Management– With Bl.ink, you can manage your multiple affiliate links and track their performance, clicks, and geolocation of the user.
  • Unlimited Domain Integration– You can use multiple domain names to generate short links and also edit the slug of the shortened link.
  • Bulk Link Import– Import links in bulk directly via CSV document.


  • Expert– $12/month.
  • SMB– $99/month.
  • Team– $299/month.
  • Business– $599/month.
  • Enterprise– Quote-based Plan.

If you are not sure to buy this tool, you can avail 21-day Free Trial to explore all the features and Functionality of the tool.

How to choose the best URL Link Shortener?

I have listed the best link shorteners available in the market, now you can choose one of the above tools based on your needs. But the question is, How will you decide which one is the most appropriate tool for you?

You must look for the below features in a link Shortener before buying their paid subscription:

  • Free Tool- If your requirement is to short less than 100 links per month and you don’t require an advanced feature, then you should not buy any paid tool in the market.
  • Short and Clean link– A lot of link shorteners create short links that look spammy and your visitors are not going to click on those links. So, before choosing any tool, be sure to look for this feature.
  • Advanced Analytics– Analytics gives you the power to make a decision based on the clicks on the links. If you are a professional affiliate marketer or an Enterprise, you should invest in a good link management tool like Rebrandly or Ow.ly.
  • Multiple Domain Support– Having multiple domain support makes your task easier to manage your campaigns for several marketing purposes. At least 2-3 domain name support by a link shortener tool is enough to start.
  • Pixel Targeting– This is a must-have feature for all the affiliate marketers to boost their conversion with advanced pixel targeting. You can target your potential visitors to buy your product or services with pixel targeting.


This was the list of best URL link Shortener and management tools. Before paying for any tool, you should check your requirements and link shortening frequency in a month.

In the list above, Bit.ly is a very good tool you can choose to shorten links and it’s Free for limited links as well. For advanced link management and powerful analytics, you can choose Rebrandly and Ow.ly.

I hope you liked the article on link shortening tools, please share this article if you found some useful information and value of your time.

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