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Best free workout apps for android and iPhone 2020

Workout apps are one of the most demanding things of 2020. Now it’s very easy to do your workout at home without any heavy gym equipment, you just need some best free workout apps, a yoga mat, some stretching bands and you’re good to go. There are several free workout apps available on the Play Store and App store that you can download and start doing your workout at home, but they won’t guarantee you to provide the desired results.

That is why workouts and exercises recommended by experts and trainers should be followed to get faster results. The apps listed here are the best among hundreds of other best free workout apps, why?..because these apps help you to track your improvements, provide creative ways to workout, meals recommendations, tips and tricks, and a lot more workout features.

Here is the list of top 10 best home workout apps, that you can download for free. Either you are a beginner or a professional, you can do any level of workout to accept new challenges, workout guidance, and track your progress to achieve your goal faster than the traditional methods.

I have listed the top 10 best free workout Apps for you, although some of the apps here are completely free, and some required nominal fees for extra features.

What are the best free workout Apps?

  1. Nike Training Club
  2. Adidas runtastic
  3. FitOn
  4. Fitbit
  5. 8fit workouts 
  6. Map My Fitness
  7. 7-minute workout
  8. Fitify
  9. 30 Days Fitness Challenge 
  10. Home workout- No Equipment.

List of TOP 10 Best Home workout apps:

Nike Training Club

adidas workout app

Nike is a well known Sports brand in the world, and with its Nike Training app, they are delivering great content on workouts, exercises, and training sessions completely free of cost. you’ll get over 185+ free workouts designed by professional Nike trainers for all levels of individuals.

Either you’re a beginner in workout and fitness or want some extra challenge in your fitness, this app has a great plan for you. you can browse collections based on your goals and target, and customize plans to start your workout and track your activity.

Additionally, you’ll get curated recommendations based on the plans you choose, body specific workouts options to get faster results and much more. There is also a casting feature in this App, through which you can cast your workout on a big screen with your android and iOS device.

The only limitation is that you have to download the workout to move forward in your session and you need to have an internet connection and some of your mobile data to keep going.

The key features of this Nike Training app are:

  • Workouts designed by professional Nike trainers.
  • Beginner to advanced levels workouts.
  • Low to high-Intensity workouts.
  • Yoga, strength and endurance w.orkouts
  • Apple watches Support.
  • Cast workouts on your TV.
  • Completely Free of Cost.

You can download it for android and iOS.

Adidas Training by Runtastic

adidas runtastic workout app

Adidas is a renowned brand in sportswear and fitness accessories. It has also maintained its reputation with its workout training app. It offers a wide array of home workouts that are professionally recommended by top-class trainers and athletes.

You have full control on this app, if you don’t like recommended training and workouts, you can make your personal workout plans and exercises. The voice coach and workout timer make this app pretty interactive and seamless.

Moreover, they allow you to track your progress and boost your motivation by giving you the opportunity to take part in global fitness challenges on various workouts, yoga, running challenges, and many more.

You can make connections with people and stay connected with them throughout your workout journey. This app has every possible reason to stick with it and get your results faster. You can access the blog of Adidas app and read about the health and nutrition facts to stay motivated for your meals.

Key features of Adidas Runtastic:

  • Free of cost.
  • 190+ home workouts to choose from.
  • Built for all levels.
  • Best for home workouts.
  • Tracks your Progress.
  • Meals recommendation.
  • A premium membership for paid users.

You can download it for android and iOS.


fiton workout app preview

FitOn is a completely free fitness workout app that aims to provide you exclusive content without a single penny. you’ll get a variety of workouts and training videos in yoga, stretching, cardio, toning, celebrity workouts, and many more.

furthermore, you can tune in FitOn from anywhere and on any device like a mobile phone, TV, or a Laptop. you’ll get personalized fitness plans, unlimited home workouts videos. Effective and quick workout videos of your favorite celebrity will boost your motivation to push your limits and achieve your goals faster.

To make the app interesting and fun to use, this app pushes you for friendly challenges and a chance to ace the leaderboard. This app lets you do whatever you want in your fitness lifestyle and allows you to discover more related workouts, you can browse workouts by body parts, video length, and your level of intensity.

Key features of FitOn app:

  • Completely free to use.
  • Browse unlimited workout videos.
  • Personalized fitness plans for you.
  • Fitness videos from celebrity trainers.
  • No equipment required to start.
  • Easy and fun to use.

Download it for android and iOS.


fitbit workout app preview

Along with best fitness tracker gadgets, the Fitbit app provides personalized health programs with over 240+ workouts and exercises. To achieve your goals faster you can team up with Fitbit watches to track your daily workout goals, health insights, and much more.

This app is completely data-driven that provides data for everything related to your fitness like tracking your sleep patterns, Heart-rate, weight goals, low-calorie meals, and much more.

Packed with the great features for home and gym workouts, it comes with 90 days free trial after that you have to pay a membership fee to access the personalized workouts and training. The membership plans are as below:

  • Fitbit Premium membership -$9.99/month
  • Fitbit Premium membership- $79.99/year (Save 30% off)

If you want to make fitness as your habit, you should definitely buy premium membership of Fitbit, because the data-driven information will make your goals achievable and boost your motivation.

Here are the Key Features of the Fitbit App:

  • Complete tracking of your Health (if used with Fitbit smartwatch)
  • Free video and audio workouts.
  • Yoga, cardio, and strength -all at the one place.
  • Built for beginners to advanced level.
  • Provides data of your progress
  • Custom meal recommendation

Download it for android.

8fit workouts & Meal Planner

8fit workout and fitness app

8fit app is the leading fitness and workout app that not only focuses on your workout but also recommends you the best meal plans curated for you. This app has over 350+ workouts and exercises from beginner to advanced level. They claim themselves as your lifestyle coach, who helps you to create healthy habits and implement them in your life.

In fact, it guides you to take healthy meals and nutrition based on your body-fat ratio. This app is extremely committed to help you reach your fitness goals and provides you tips and tricks that may help you in your fitness journey.

When you open this app, it first asks your fitness goal, then you have to provide your current body fat percent and your end goal of body fat. 8fit app comes with three different pricing which is given below:

  • 1 Month Plan- $24/month
  • 3 month Plan- $39/quaterly
  • 1 year Plan- $79/yearly

 Key features of 8fit workout app:-

  • Curated meals and diet plans
  • Best for all levels
  • Healthy recipes for everyone.
  • Overwhelming results of users.
  • Over 350+ challenging exercises.

The only downside of this app is that you have to pay for a membership to access personalized meal plans, 800+ healthy recipes, premium workouts exercises, and weekly classes.

The only thing you’ll get in your free plan is a basic full-body workout that may not fulfill your fitness goals. If you seriously want to make your body fit and healthy, you should definitely invest in this app.

Download it for android and iOS.

Map My Fitness- by Under Armour

map my fitness app preview

Map My fitness is designed by the leading sports and fitness company Under Armour. In the Under Armour label Map my fitness provides several apps like Map My Run, Map My Ride, Map My WALK which allows you to track your progress in these activities.

The best feature of this app is that you can connect it with every smart wearable like Google Fit, Garmin watches Fitbit smartwatches and many more. Map my fitness gives you the complete data of your activity and the time spent by you on that activity. It is completely a  data-driven platform.

Moreover, you can choose from over 600 activities like cycling, running, walking, yoga, cross-training, etc. It comes with free as well as paid plans that starts from $5.99/month. you can also choose its annual membership plan which starts from $29.99/yr. Premium plans allow you to track your real-time running location, personalized training plans, and much more tracking features.

Key features of Map My fitness:

  • Designed by professional trainers.
  • Easy tracking of activities.
  • Over 800+ exercises and workout plans.
  • Designed for home workouts.
  • Free plan available.
  • Join the community to motivate yourself.

Download Map My fitness for android.

7-minute workout

7 minute workout app preview

7-minute workout is a completely free app that enables you to do a wide variety of home workout and 30 days workout challenge if you are a beginner. It has 10Million+ downloads on Google Playstore and is also awarded as the best workout app. It is packed with all kinds of fitness goals such as to lose weight, high strength workout, flat tummy, and much more home workout combinations.

If you are a beginner in your fitness journey then you should try this app to get your workout done in an easy and simple way. Although it does not provide any kind of professional training plan for you. you can choose your level of fitness and start doing your home workout.  It is designed to get maximum output in the minimum time possible.

Key features of this App:

  • All contents are completely free.
  • Built for all levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Easy to use and User-Interface (UI) is good.
  • Audio and animation support.
  • Google fit support.
  • Easy tracking of your workout.

Download 7-minute workout for android and iOS.


With over 1Milion+ Installs on Google Playstore, Fitify is the transforming fitness and Health of the people with its 850+ exercises and workout plans. whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or build strength fitify has packed all stuff in one place.

It comes with free as well as paid membership plans that provide custom training routines and plans to make your goals easily achievable. you need some limited equipment like kettlebells, pull-up bars, barbell, foam roller to get the most benefits from the video exercises and training. The paid membership starts from $5.49/month and the yearly plan starts from $54.99/year.

Here are the key features of fitify app:

  • Over 850 exercises to lose weight, burn fat and build strength.
  • Custom training plans based on your goals.
  • Audio and video demonstrations.
  • Exercises based on specific body parts.
  • Recovery session, yoga, and stretching exercises.

Download fitify for android and iOS.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 days fitness challenge app

Used by more than 5Million+ people, this app helped people to start their fitness journey. It covers all levels of workouts from beginner to advanced levels that you may find interesting and effective. Use your body weight to begin the workouts at home anytime, you don’t need any equipment to start.

The 30 days fitness challenge covers full-body exercises, butt workout, and abs workout that you can choose as you find suitable for your body. The exercises, audio, and animations are very effective for beginners and easy to follow. Its completely free of cost and designed by professional fitness coaches.

Here are the key features of 30 days fitness Challenge App:

  • Completely Free of cost.
  • Short and easy to follow workouts.
  • Workout at home.
  • Suitable for all levels. 

Download the app for android and iOS.

Home workouts

daily workouts app

Home workout app has over 10Million+ Installs on Google Playstore and rated by 1.4Million+ people. The App is also packed with 100+ easy to follow exercises and no equipment required to start your workout. Developed by certified professionals and trainers, this app is best suited for both men and women. you can choose your body specific exercises that you want to target.

Key features of daily workouts are:

  • Variety of workouts to follow.
  • Most of the exercises are Free.
  • Performed by professional trainers.
  • 100+ exercises to perform.

Download the Home workout app for android. 


In the final analysis, I assure you that all the apps listed here are best and preferred by many professional trainers. The custom exercises, yoga practice, video tutorials, meal prep recommendations make these apps different from others, you should definitely download these apps. 

if you want immediate results, then you can subscribe to their monthly and yearly subscriptions to avail live video training, proper guidance, progress tracking, custom meal plans, and much more. you don’t require any heavy gym equipment to start the workout, you can begin with some basic weight, a yoga mat, and some stretching bands if required.

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